Behind: "Love Rainy"

Hihi, I am back to introduce the 2nd design from my “Switching Seasons” collection. The name “Love Rainy” is a combination of one of my favourite movies and chinese songs. The movie is “Love, Rosie”, which I watched after Jungkook from BTS introduced it as his favorite movie as I was in a romantic movie phase then. The reason why I liked the movie is because it shows how the main characters kept missing each other, but destiny still brought them together in the end. I sobbed during the ending due to tears of happiness as it was a difficult journey for them to finally end up with each other 💞 . Personally, I do believe in destiny too since the world is so big and we are unable to cross paths with everyone. Therefore, there is undoubtedly an element of fate that brings any two people together.

The name is also inspired by the line “Rainie Love” from “雨愛” by Rainie Yang, who is one of my favorite chinese singers. There are two songs from her that I play on repeat occasionally namely “雨愛” and “帶我走” from my Taiwanese idol drama phase. Rainie acted in a few hit dramas that I watched and I also found out this year that she used to date the late Alien Huang, who sadly passed on due to an accident. He passed on during what I would consider the prime of his life with a successful variety show and a loving girlfriend. This sadly reminds me of the death of Kim Joo hyuk who was then a part of my favourite variety show “2 days 1 night” and he also had a girlfriend. I remember crying then as he has always wanted to have his own family and everything fell apart when it seemed to be on track… 😭 All these made me realise that sometimes I really have no control of what is going to happen to me and all I can do is to live each day good enough, so that I will not have any regrets.

With regards to the “Love Rainy” design, I actually do not like rainy weather as I like outdoor activities and rain literally stops those from happening. Not forgetting the soggy socks and shoes you have to endure the entire day while in school 😣 . However, I just found the image of a raincloud to be really cute and I have always wanted to have a raincloud as one of my designs. I practiced the split stitch to form the outline of the raincloud but I was unable to get a tight stitch as shown below:

The picture somehow looks much better than I remember as I recalled that each stitch was very loose, and I had to figure out after practice on how to have neat stitches. One major tip to follow is: you need to pull the needle in the opposite direction to secure each stitch!

A fun fact is that I once coloured the clouds blue for a window art and finished my entire art before realising that the clouds should be white instead… 😅 I will be ending this blogpost off with another song recommendation related to rain. This is one of my favourite songs from NCT as you will normally relate sad songs to rain, but instead they sang a cute love song about sharing an umbrella. Sadly, the only memories I have of sharing an umbrella is when nobody except me brings an umbrella out so I have no choice but to share 😂 .

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