Behind: Inter-University LGBT Network Collaboration

Hihi, I am back after a 6 month hiatus as I fell back into my regular school routine again but I was especially busy as I joined the organising committee for my university’s 21st birthday. That role ate up most of my time in the first half of the semester and it was difficult to start stitching again 😣. But on the bright side, after 3 years in university I finally cleared my community service hours and it was a really eye opening experience HEH.

Moving onto the collaboration, I have always wanted to do something during pride month to support the cause. However, I launched my brand in July last year and the pride month was already over. Thus, I planned this collaboration immediately after my finals to make my dream into a reality 😁 ! A huge shoutout to Inter-University LGBT Network with a cause close to my heart as I am a university student as well.

Follow me as I bring you behind-the-scenes to know more about our LGBT Collaboration beneficiary: Inter-University LGBT Network (IULN)

1. How was IULN started?

Inter-University LGBT Network was started in 2015 by our previous co-founders with the aim of fostering safer and more inclusive school communities for students regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

2. What are the roles that IULN play as a network for various university groups?

Inter-University LGBT Network serves as a coalition of the student groups across universities in Singapore. We often work together to organise events and campaigns such as The Magical Market and Allyship Workshops, as well as jointly put out press statements. The network also supports the continuity of the member groups.

3. How can a student contribute to IULN if they are interested in being part of ILUN?

As Inter-University LGBT Network is comprised of students from various universities across Singapore, we rely greatly on the time and skills of volunteers. Interested volunteers are advised to keep a look out for recruitments that occur yearly between the July-September period. Recruitment information will be publicised on our Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram Mailing List. We also encourage students and allies to consider engaging with, joining our events and campaigns or sharing them with friends and family.

4. How has the covid-19 situation impacted the outreach efforts for IULN?

Given that our events were mainly held in person, the pandemic has shifted the way we engage with the community and the content we produce. For the first time ever, we've had to plan and prepare events such as allyship workshops and webinars on zoom. We also developed content reaching out to individuals living in unsafe home environments during the circuit breaker.

5. What are the future plans for IULN?

We are in the midst of preparing activities for Pride Month, so please do look out for this!

Some of you might have realised that we added the colours of the LGBT flag 🏳️‍🌈 in our instagram posts and this special blogpost as 10% all profits from our LGBT collection will be donated to IULN. Please do support this initiative to show your allyship with the LGBT community !

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