Behind: "First Fall"

Hihi, it has been awhile and I am glad to have finally launched my second collection named "Switching Seasons" in time for the autumn season! Even though we don’t have the autumn season in Singapore and I have never experienced the season myself, it has always been my favourite season. There is just something sad but warm about the season at the same time… We get to see all the leaves fall from the trees and gather in piles and we can finally bring out our sweaters and hoodies to keep ourselves warm without sweating 😅 . I really hope I will be able to go on exchange to Europe and experience this myself and maybe I will finally try the famous pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks just for the sake of the autumn spirit.

Therefore, I knew I wanted a design in this collection that showcases my favourite season and maple leaves 🍁 were definitely one of the first things that came into my mind. I knew that it will be the main feature of my design and other elements will serve as a support. However, stitching a maple leaf was one of the biggest challenges as different people have different ways of stitching it and the tutorials available were too intricate for apparel stitching 😢. Thankfully after researching for a long time, I stumbled across a tutorial that uses a stitch I already know and I was able to simplify it accordingly. Here is a picture of my earliest draft after I managed to stitch a maple leaf:

Another challenge was to decide how many strands of thread is to be used for each element as it required a balance between intricacy and practicality. Using less threads meant a more intricate design but takes two times the amount of time to stitch and a higher chance of it looking not as neat. You can also see my practice for the tiny leaves as I try to incorporate a new stitch for every design so that none of the designs will be using the exact same stitches. After finalising the final stitches right before working on the actual shirt, I am happy to say I am SUPER proud 😍 of the close-up shot as seen below:

If you have read my blogpost on “I Lavender You”, you would have known that I am a huge BTS fan and I would like to end this blogpost with a song that is related to the autumn season! It is definitely one of my favourite songs from the album and the title is 고엽 (Dead Leaves) 🍂 My favorite line is ”너는 나의 다섯 번 째 계절 널 보려 해도 볼 수 없잖아” which means “You are my fifth season because I can’t see you even if I tried”. It is so poetic and RM’s lyrics just get to my heart. I have more songs and stories to share for my “Love Rainy” design, so do look out next week!

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