Behind: Being an embroidery artist and "Please Forget Me Not"

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Hihi, thanks for reading my first Behind series on my personal favourite design 😍 from the Flower Hour Collection: “Please Forget Me Not”. The reason for this series is to shed some light on the back story of each design I create and involve you guys along on their making journey. However, there has been some recurring issue in the local embroidery scene that I would like to highlight first.

Recently, the issue of plagiarism has been rampant and just last week, I alerted a fellow embroidery artist on how a design from a foreign embroidery artist I came across reminded me so much of hers. Thankfully, she got credited after leaving a comment and it was resolved peacefully. Sadly, not all cases can be settled so simply, especially if the other party is not a fellow embroidery artist but a commercial company 😞 . They may not be able to empathise with the artists themselves, as they are profit-driven and what they do not see is the hours of hard work before any design is finalised and ready to see the public.

In the case for “Please Forget Me Not”, the design process was anything but a smooth-sailing one. This design is slightly more complicated as it consists of four different stitches and the only stitch that took me multiple tries before I could execute one correctly: the french knot. The following picture is of my multiple plain and coloured drafts before the final design is decided. (P.S There are more drafts that cannot fit into the picture and the colours are also different, as it was before my colour matching process.) Even the order and number of the stitches have been changed multiple times to ensure consistency of each shirt 😅.

Moving on to the actual back story, this design holds a special meaning to me as it reminds of someone that used to be in my life. That person has since moved overseas and due to covid-19, moved back to his home country. Sadly, those memories that I used to keep playing in my head are slowly getting erased as time goes by, willingly or not. Soon, it would be three years since the last time I saw him and I wonder how many more till I see him again? Or actually, if I would ever have the chance 😕 ?

Therefore, I would like to dedicate this design for those who are still holding on to your memories. I hope that the person that you are thinking of when you are reading this post will never forget you and all the times the both of you spent together. The memories might get fuzzy and the day will come when you can no longer remember the exact words exchanged or the feelings you experienced accurately… But, with this shirt just like the other items the both of you share, I wish the best for the both of you regardless of whether the both of you are together or separated in the way ahead 😊 .

Despite all the sad background story and long design process, it is still my favourite design in my 1st collection. My favourite quote of “No rain. No flowers.” is also apt is this situation literally and figuratively. See you for my next post on “I Lavender You"!

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