1 Year of Minty Roses (3 things I learnt as a small business owner)

Today officially marks the 1 year anniversary of me running Minty Roses🥳!!! Firstly, I would like to thank anyone that engaged with Minty Roses regardless of a follow on Instagram or an order through the website. Every single action means alot to me as I am running this business solely by myself and I am happy that someone out there appreciates my efforts. This blogpost will be to share 3 things that I learnt and what potential entrepreneurs should look out for when starting their own small business. (P.S This is based on my own personal experience only.)

1.Start small 🍬

It is okay to have a wide range of products as it will allow you to identify which items you sell the best and which items are less popular. But, be careful before you bulk purchase any instocks. At first, I was thinking if I stocked up there would be a shorter waiting time. However, I realised that customers understand that usually only 1 person is behind a small business and as long as you let them know the expected waiting time it is fine. If we spend less on inventory, then we can allocate more budget on areas such as marketing!

2.Go wild for marketing 🎢

Don’t constraint yourself to any single marketing methods and just give them all a try especially when any form of awareness is a plus at the start-up stage! Personally, I have tried various low cost methods such as features on small business instagram pages, collaboration with third parties, working with influencers etc. The result might be different for each kind of business but if you never try, you will never know which type works the best for you! The methods that have worked best for me are collaboration with other small business and influencer marketing.

3.Spend time to understand your customers ⏰

Since small businesses usually start with a few customers, it is easier for us to communicate with each of them and build an understanding. I will usually ask questions like how they got to know my business and the purpose for their purchase. Even though it might seem like a hassle, taking this small little step to reach out through makes us know what we are doing right and should focus on. For example, if customers found your page through a sponsored post, this means that your social media advertising is on the right track and more budget should be assigned into that area.

I hope that this blogpost gave you a glimpse into the thought process behind starting a new small business and feel free to message me on Instagram for any additional advice! This past year has definitely been a ride and I hope that there are many more exciting times to come!

Lots of love,


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